5 elegant chamber gardens from the famous landscape designer

Garden "The Black Cube"

Garden "The Black Cube"

In every garden, it is worth paying attention not only to how skillfully Matthew designs the territory, but also what philosophical justification accompanies each project
Right now Moscow hosts the Open International Landscape Design Competition in preparation for the festival “Moscow Summer. Flower jam. ” Choosing the best projects will be the jury, which includes leading foreign and Russian experts in the field of landscape architecture and design. One of them was Matthew Childs, specializing in the creation of chamber gardens.

His work has often become the best at prestigious international competitions, so we decided to select the five best designs of the designer. In every garden, it is worth paying attention not only to how skillfully Matthew designs the territory, but also what philosophical justification accompanies each project.


Garden with a waterfall (London)


The project was to revive an almost abandoned garden in Wimbledon Park, planned by influential landscape architect Lancelot Brown in the 18th century. Created in the 1950s, a small waterfall on a creek flowing from a lake, named after Brown, was chosen as the central element of the garden.

Matthew Childs suggested moving a winding bridge over the stream, installing spiral wooden benches and making railway sleepers more visible on the walkways. For additional landscaping, evergreen shrubs and grasses that do not require special care were used.

Garden with a waterfall

Garden with a waterfall


Garden “The Black Cube” (Moscow)


It is not difficult to guess that this project, which received the Grand Prix of the festival “Gardens and People” in 2016, was inspired by the “Black Square” by Kazimir Malevich. Like the works of a great artist, the concept of the garden should make visitors think about the perception of the real world.

To the pavilion finished with burnt wood through the space, decorated in the form of a forest fire, leads a path under the slope. The floor in the pavilion is below the ground level, and the windows are arranged in such a way that an adult can feel like a small child.

The windows offer a view of the flowering meadow, contrasting with the scenery seen at the entrance. And through the hole in the roof, lying on the bench located here, you can observe the clouds floating in the sky and again feel innocent and carefree.

Garden "The Black Cube"

Garden “The Black Cube”


Installation “Water is life” (London)


In 2013, four landscape designers, including Childs, were offered to make their own garden installations from the materials of the disassembled project Wilson McUlliam, who presented it at an exhibition of flowers in Chelsea.

As a result, some kind of remixes on a given topic, and the general concept, respectively, was called “Remix Garden” and was implemented in the courtyard next to the famous Ocho Tower.

In his work, Childs used galvanized culverts, usually used in the construction of drainage systems. Bursting out from under the ground at an angle, they break the paving of the yard and bring up the garden plants, revitalizing the urban landscape and making it more dynamic.

Installation "Water is life"

Installation “Water is life”


Garden Brewing Dolphin (London)


The main theme of the garden, which received a silver medal in the exhibition of flowers in Chelsea, was the energy of the spring morning, giving inspiration and hope for the future. The garden is dominated by quiet secluded spaces with ponds surrounded by lush vegetation.

On the tracks you can find bold elements like patinated copper arches and sculptures. The central part of the garden is a space-deck, suitable for privacy and for live communication. It is framed by a unique cedar pergola.


Garden Brewing Dolphin

Garden Brewing Dolphin

Garden Ecover (London)


Inspiration for the project, awarded a gold medal at the flower exhibition in Hampton Court, was an enduring truth: water is life. The water in the garden is symbolized by flowers of blue hues planted around a looping gravel path and monolithic walls reminiscent of coastal cliffs and river gorges.

The designs from the recycled plastic are in harmony with the plants and demonstrate the reality of a responsible approach to the environment even in conditions of the impossibility of abandoning industrial production.


Garden Ecover

Garden Ecover

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